Shasta College Gets a Starbucks

Floor plan of new Shasta College Starbucks

We are currently building out a 1300 Sqr Ft. Starbucks in the Shasta College campus library. The coffee shop will be located in the south east corner of the library and is projected to be complete September 27th of this year (2019).

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Wind Damage

A tree fell on my home or business. What do I do?

First, call Aztec to get emergency services started and a crew heading your way. Second, prevent further damage by making emergency repairs that are in your comfort zone. (Save all receipts). Third, call your insurance agent as soon as possible, so an adjuster can visit your property to inspect the extent of damages. Fourth, take notes and take pictures if you can. The evidence will help if a dispute arises between you and the insurance company. Finally, don’t throw out any damaged property before your insurance adjuster can look at it.

Will my insurance policy automatically cover the damage?
Generally, damage from wind and falling trees are covered. So is the cost of removal of trees that have fallen on a building. The damaged property inside your home or business is also covered.

What if I cannot live at home because of storm damage?
Under most policies, your hotel and storage policies will be covered. So are extra food and furniture rental costs. Save your receipts.


What if the tree belonged to my neighbor?
Call your insurance company anyway. Your neighbor is responsible for the damage only if he was somehow negligent and the tree was rotten. The neighbor should call his or her company as well, but that company is not necessarily obligated to pay up.

Wind damages can occur any time of the year.
From a down fence to missing shingles and the large tree branch into your structure. These are all typical wind-related losses that need immediate attention to prevent and mitigate any further substantial damages to your property. If you are unsure what to do, just give us a call and ask for help, our project managers are knowledgeable and will be able to direct you in the right path in saving and salvaging your structure from further damages.


Fire Damage Prevention

Fire Season Preparation – save time, money and peace of mind…

Nobody wants to think about “life after fire”, but if/when it does happen people are always forced to live out the aftermath. Losing everything is disheartening to say the least but imagine trying to explain your losses to an insurance agency that views your claim as just another pay out. To minimize guess work on behalf of your insurance company and allow you the confidence when submitting your claim…

Scott Says, “Take video inventory of everything you own of any value at all.”

On a yearly basis a video (I like the week after Christmas) inventory of your personal property with a digital cam recorder, this will provide rock solid evidence for your insurance company in the event of a loss. This video catalog system will help enable you and your adjuster in processing your claim more efficiently and effectively. Remember to store your video media file in a fire proof safe or an offsite safe deposit box. Try to save receipts of your personal property items along with this documentation.

Summer is here; is getting ready for fire season part of you summer list?  Resources can be found at Cal Fire website 

BEING READY—WILDFIRE PREPAREDNESSBeing Ready for wildfire starts with maintaining an adequate defensible space and by hardening your home by using fire resistant building materials. Defensible space is the buffer you create by removing dead plants, grass and weeds. This buffer helps to keep the fire away from your home. Hardening your home means using construction materials that can help your home withstand flying embers finding weak spots in the construction, which can result in your house catching fire. It takes the combination of both Defensible space and the hardening of your home to really give your house the best chance of surviving a wildfire.”





Aztec is dedicated to being your full-service general contractor of choice for the multi-family housing industry and all commercial needs, including tenant improvement and open bid work. Our restoration services goes well beyond just repairing damages from disaster-related occurrences. We can also assist with any capital improvement project, big or small, ranging from common maintenance issues and safety hazards to complete renovations and updates to the property.

Our goal is to do everything we can to expedite the process and get you back to in home or business as quickly and safely as possible



Maybe you are ready to add some closet space to the master bedroom retreat.

What does your dream closet mean to you?  Maybe it’s the perfect sanctuary where you start your day.  Or it’s a retreat at the end of the day to unwind and let go of the stress of the day.

Making that dream space into a reality is what we do best.  Need more room to showcase your treasures?  Maybe a chandelier to provide the perfect lighting? Or maybe you just need someone to help you organize the chaos, so you can find what you need.  Aztec will create the perfect space – just for you!

Spoil yourself!

Take charge!  Take advantage of a lonely wall in the spare bedroom and gain your dream closet!




Or is it time to add or renovate a bathroom?

What would the ideal bathroom look like? A space that is all your own, where only calm and serenity reign? Aztec will create the perfect space – just for you!


The kitchen is the center of your home.

Where everyone gathers to start their days and to check-in when you get home.  Our kitchens set the stages for family gatherings, celebrations, heated

discussions, and to pass down to new generations family traditions and recipes. It’s where you prepare your meals and it’s where all of your parties gather. Is it any wonder that kitchen remodels are so popular and have the largest payoff in terms of boosting a home’s resale value?

The first step in determining kitchen renovation estimates is considering your kitchen as a whole. Before you get to the smaller questions, such as whether to reface your cabinets or replace them, ask yourself the big questions. What do you want from your kitchen? How do you want it to look and function? Is the size and configuration right?

You dream it, we will built it. 

Call us today: 530-275-3327

Reconstruction and Repairs

Aztec Construction & Restoration offers expert property restoration services and professional quality reconstruction for all types of insurance losses. Whether you’re in need of our services to repair damage caused by natural disasters, structural fires, water, or mold, we’re here to help. On call, on time and on budget, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is standard operating procedures here at Aztec.

  1. Fire, smoke and water reconstruction for residential and commercial properties
  2. Emergency services available 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  3. Personalized customer service with in-house project management and production staff
  4. Full-service drafting and design services available
  5. Software generated detailed estimates completed by skilled and experienced estimating staff
  6. Coordination for water, smoke, and fire restoration to mitigate damages. Simply, at Aztec, we pride ourselves in good old fashion customer service. We are a quality service construction company that thrives on pleasing our clients, our goal is to exceed your expectations


Pre-construction Process:

  1. Conceptual Estimate
  2. Construction Documents
  3. Site Evaluation
  4. Design Development Consultation
  5. Cost Estimating
  6. Purchasing
  7. Construction Management Plan
  8. Design Assist with Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing


Water Damage

Water damage cleanup or water restoration is so advanced that they have developed a word for the process and science of drying:

Psychometry: the science and practice associated with atmospheric air mixtures and water vapor, their evaluation, control, and effect on materials.

Simply stated, the most efficient drying is accomplished when the restoration technician understands the scientific relationship between open and closed drying systems, natural versus mechanical dehumidification, and, most importantly, the relationship of temperature, humidity, and airflow.

An experienced water technician will utilize the practices of balanced drying – the balance of evaporation and dehumidification. By maximizing the use of airflow, temperature, and dehumidification, faster drying is maximized. If one, two or all three of the properties is misused or over depended upon, damage can occur, increasing microbial growth and increasing the drying time.

Structural Drying & Dehumidification
When a property has undergone extensive water damage, structural drying and dehumidification are required to eradicate water accumulation and future damage that can occur as a result. Aztec Construction & Restoration uses dehumidifiers, thermal drying systems and other leading-edge technologies to remove moisture from the air, while air movers are used for wicking away moisture and drying building materials. Thermal Imaging Cameras are also used, allowing us to see hidden pockets of moisture in the structure to be dried out, thus preventing the growth of harmful fungus such as mold.

Water & Sewage Extraction
Water is the number one cause of damage to properties. It can result from pipe failure or natural disasters such as hurricanes or numerous other manmade or natural events. While water damage from a broken pipe is commonly covered in a conventional insurance policy and national flood insurance covers water from natural disaster, few realize that their coverage isn’t adequate for many other causes of flooding—causes that often go overlooked by property and homeowners, such as water run-off or sewage backups.

There are 3 categories of Water Loss: Clean Water, Grey Water, and Black Water


Clean Water – is generally the result of a broken water line, appliance water line, sink or tub overflow, broken toilet tank, rainwater, etc. Called Clean Water because the source is likely not a source of contaminants. While passing through a property, Clean Water can quickly become classified as Grey Water.

Grey Water – may contain contaminants or bio-pollutants such as bacteria, fungi, and algae, and is found to be a result of damage from aquariums, appliance waste lines, waterbeds, toilet bowls, and other such water containers. As with other classifications, a Grey Water situation can quickly become a Black Water classification, as microorganisms that cause illness or breed disease spread.

Black Water – poses the most serious risk of contamination and can be caused by rainwater that has passed over a source that has a negative effect on human health such as oil from a parking lot, pesticides from a yard, raw sewage from a broken waste line, chemicals, etc.

Aztec provides preventative measures as well as structural and content assessment to prevent the further spread of mold. Mold remediation includes evaluation of the affected area (where either mold or moisture are present), the effect on health and safety of occupants, creating a remediation strategy and performing the abatement process. We are committed to providing the utmost care, restoring the property to be declared safe for occupants, as well as the containment and removal of affected materials.

No matter what the source, Aztec Construction & Restoration will assess the risk, measure the extent of damage and determine causation and the classification of water loss to provide the most adequate and safest treatment available to restore your property. Our goal is to mitigate the loss and provide quick, effective and efficient drying procedures to all affected areas. We guarantee results, call us today! Experience the professionalism in handling your disaster.

Water Damage Prevention

Five easy ways to avoid water damage

  • Replace old water heaters. Water heaters do damage when they get too old and the tank rusts and bursts, allowing water to pour into adjacent rooms. On average, water heaters last 10 to 12 years. Don’t wait for them to fail; replace your tank once a decade. Today’s energy-efficient systems will also be cheaper to operate.
  • Switch to stainless steel hoses: Consider replacing standard rubber or plastic hoses with stainless steel-braided or mesh hoses. Worn out hoses with kinks, cracks or bulges need to be replaced immediately.
  • Don’t leave dishwashers and washing machines running if you leave the house. If something breaks while a home owner is away, what could have been a small mop-up job often turns into a thousand-gallon mess best left to professionals.
  • Check attic air conditioners and swamp coolers. When attic systems fail, water damages everything that lies below. At least once a year, go up to the attic or roof to check these appliances before they wear out. Look for wear and tear and loose connections — particularly if the unit is mounted on the roof and exposed to sun and rain.
  • Consider water alarms: Home owners can install water alarms for a quick alert when an appliance isn’t working right. Hooking up the system to an appliance is usually as simple as hooking up a hose to an outdoor faucet.

Emergency tips

If you discover a build-up of water on the floor, find standing water in your home or experience severe, sudden and accidental water damage, take steps to begin ventilating and drying out your home immediately.

Call Aztec Construction & Restoration FIRST 877.529.8320

  • Shut off the water source, if possible. This should be located outside your home near your utility box.
  • Move and manipulate all personal property from the origin of loss and surrounding areas to prevent further damages.
  • Protect your dwelling from further damage with temporary, reasonable and necessary repairs, like plywood or plastic covers over roof or wall openings, depending on the type of loss. (STOP THE DRIP)
  • Move household items to an undamaged area of your home or cover them with plastic. Mop, blot up or wet vac as much water as possible.
  • Don’t leave books, magazines or other colored items on wet carpeting. Remove oriental or other colored throw rugs from wet wall-to-wall carpeting. Remove the pad from under saturated carpets Place wood blocks or aluminum foil between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture. Open drawers and cabinets to aid in faster drying. Open windows to speed drying.
  • Turn on the air conditioner or fans for maximum drying in hot weather, as long as it’s safe for you to use electricity.
  • Make small holes in sagging ceilings to get rid of trapped water. Be sure to put a pan or bucket below to catch the water before you make a hole. And don’t turn on a ceiling fixture if the ceiling is wet – don’t mix water and electricity!
  • Remove any insulation that is wet and have it replaced with new, dry insulation.
  • If you find or discover MOLD, leave it ALONE and DO NOT TOUCH IT. If possible cover it with plastic and seal all edges to prevent spores from becoming airborne.
  • Finally photograph everything as it happens, documentation will prevail.
  • Once you have all of this in place a call into your insurance agent informing them of this loss. Be prepared to document your claim number as well if you have the name of your adjuster. This information will be helpful during this process.

Wind Damage Prevention

Residential Property Prevention from Wind and Win-Driven Rain

This guide is intended to make the process easier by walking property owners, landlords, property managers and property management companies through the proper steps, beginning with an inspection of the property, followed by the installation of permanent hardware to put up shutters when the weather turns severe and ending with the best way to respond should water get inside the building.

Wind damage can be very extensive and costly. Let Aztec educated you on how to spot potential disasters before they happenDistaster Response Inc. can greatly reduce potential wind damage hot spots to help you save time and money in the future

Maintenance and Preparation:

Windows, Walls and Doors:

  • Check for leaks around your windows and doors, especially near the corners.
  • Check for peeling paint, it can be a sign of water getting into the wood.
  • Inspect for discolorations in paint or caulking, swelling of the window or doorframe or surrounding materials.
  • Flashing, which is typically a thin metal strip found around doors, windows, thresholds, chimneys, and roofs, is designed to prevent water intrusion in spaces where two different building surfaces meet.
  • All vents, including gable vents, roof vents, and exhaust vents should be well anchored to the roof, flashed and sealed to prevent leaks.

Damaged Material:

Check for termite damage in wood materials such as walls, beams, or floors. Any wood exposed to the elements can decay and lead to moisture intrusion and insect infestation.

Exterior Wood Sheathing, Siding and Walls:

  • Replace wood siding and sheathing if it appears to have water damage.
  • Inspect wood-sided walls to ensure there is at least 8 inches between any wood and landscaping materials or dirt.
  • Exterior walls should be kept well painted and sealed.
  • Use a high quality silicone caulk around outside wall openings such as vents, outdoor electrical outlets and locations where cables or pipes go through the wall. Just before a storm, close restroom and any other vents with duct tape (but remove it after a storm and before using the vents.)
  • Check the roof for signs of deterioration or leaks. Make sure all drains and gutters are clear.
  • Shutter and seal gable end vents to prevent wind driven rain from entering attic space.


  • Landscape features should not include soil or other bedding material mounded up against walls.
  • Keep trees trimmed so that branches are at least 7 feet away from any exterior building surface. This will help prolong the life of your siding and roof and prevent moisture and insects from entering the building.
  • Vines should be kept off all exterior walls, because they can help open cracks in the siding, which allows moisture to enter the building. Inspect and adjust the spray pattern of the irrigation heads to minimize the water sprayed directly onto the building to avoid excessive water near the foundation.

Protecting Windows and Doors in Advance:


The highest level of protection normally available for windows is professionally produced shutters that meet the Dade County (Florida) standards for opening protection. These standards require that the product be able to resist the impact of a 9 lb 2×4 traveling at 34 mph without penetration of the shutter, and if installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the impact should not break the glass behind the shutter. IBHS has created a Shutter Selection Guide to make the process of choosing window protection much easier. With so many new shutter materials on the market, it’s more affordable than ever before.


All doors should have three hinges and a dead-bolt lock with a minimum 1-inch bolt throw length. Metal or solid wood doors may withstand hurricane pressures and windborne debris, but if you have double entry doors (French doors), doors with glass or hollow-core doors, you may want to shutter them. For double entry doors, add barrel bolt restraints to the inactive door to help keep them from bursting open during a storm. Make sure the bolts connect through the door header and through the threshold into the subfloor.

Act Quickly if Water Intrusion Occurs:

  • The outside of the building may have survived the storm, but inside water intrusion may have soaked documents, computers and other valuable supplies. Water damage can threaten a business’s ability to quickly bounce back after a storm. In addition to preparing the building against water damage, leaks can find their way in through any opening, it’s important to plan for the worst before it happens. The IBHS suite of Open for Business® continuity planning and recovery tools can get you on the road to preparation. Should your building become damaged by a catastrophic event such as wind-driven rain, take appropriate actions to prevent further water damage once it is safe to do so. Water damage left unattended can result in structural failure or, potentially, mold growth.

Here’s what to do:

  • Immediately contact Aztec Construction & Restoration 877.529.8320
  • Remove standing water and all moist materials, such as wet, damaged flooring or rugs, carpet, personal property, stock, equipment or inventory, and consult Aztec a licensed building professional that can determine the extent of the repairs necessary and work with your insurance company.
  • Board up damaged windows and doors.
  • After you have dealt with the immediate crises and Aztec is in route, contact your insurance agent to report the loss. Photograph everything that is affected by this loss and start your own file for this loss.

Mold Damage

Mold can grow and spread just about anywhere moisture and a food source are present: walls, carpet, floors, insulation, wood; to name a few. Exposure can cause a variety of health problems as well as allergic reactions. To protect the health of occupants, Aztec Construction and Restoration removes and eliminates future mold growth beginning with assessing the way a structure was built, evaluating humidity levels and controls, and recommending and repairing any structural deficiencies.


What You Need to Know About Mold

Cleanup and Remediation 
Fact sheets from CDC and EPA on mold cleanup, removal, and remediation.

General Information
Basic facts about molds, exposure, adverse health effects, and prevention.

Related Issues
Information and links on mold-related issues, such as hurricane-related damage.

Useful documents and FAQs about mold from various federal and state agency resources.

“Was your home flooded? If so, and you were not able to dry your home (including furniture and other items) within 24-48 hours, you should assume you have mold growth. You need to completely dry everything, clean up the mold, and make sure you don’t still have a moisture problem.

You may see or smell mold on clothing, drywall, furniture, cardboard boxes, or books, but it may also be hidden under or behind items like carpet, cushions, or walls.” (




When in doubt, you can always call a professional to check out the problem. We are ready to assist you 24/7. Call Aztec Construction & Restoration: 530-275-3327.

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