Smoke Damage Cleanup

Is your home or property suffering from smoke damage caused by the ongoing fires in Northern California & surrounding areas?


Aztec specializes in emergency response fire / smoke damage cleanup, mitigation, decontamination & repair. We can be at your home within 30 minutes setting up to reduce further damage and begin any repairs necessary to return your living space back to the comfort zone you know and love.

We will remove any contaminated / unrecoverable interior finishes, floorings or building materials harboring fumes. We will replace them to perfect previous condition or make upgrades per your request. Aztec has over 25 years of experience in fire & smoke damage repairs as well as…

Odor removal from carpet, upholstery, interior finishes, appliances, internal wall and structural materials.
We also specialize in exterior cleanup, refinish and/or repairs including roofing, siding, glazing, concrete, masonry and more.

Call to start a smoke damage cleanup repair and/or upgrade today.Start to finish can be a very fast process without compromising a quality end product.

Ask about our HEPA air quality filtration package – We can deliver air cleaning filtration machines to drastically improve the air quality inside your home today.

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