Restoration at a glance

By selecting Aztec Construction, Inc. to complete your restoration work, you will have a team of experienced professionals waiting to help you make the many important decisions facing you.

Devastation strikes without warning, and when your property undergoes extensive damage, Aztec Construction Inc. will be there to assess, mitigate and properly restore the damaged areas back to pre-loss condition or better. All precautions are taken to secure the safety of your personal property, the structure of your building and you the customer as well. Great care and consideration is taken to assess the extent of damage accurately. Aztec Construction Inc. works with your insurance company to identify all damages, prepare an estimate, and come to a fair agreement based on the scope of work needed. Our goal is to do everything we can to expedite the process and get you back to in home or business as quickly and safely as possible.

1 Step One

The estimating process
A trained and experienced estimator from Aztec Construction Inc. will inspect your home and evaluate the damage to complete a detailed written statement of scope of work. During this inspection, the estimator will gather important information regarding the damage, take measurements of the damaged area, and if needed by the insurance company, take photos of the damage and the surrounding areas.

This process normally takes two-to-five business days. The written estimate is then forwarded to your insurance adjuster for review. Once your insurance company approves the estimate for the work, we require a signed written work authorization and the deductible fee (if applicable) to start the restoration process.

2 Step Two

The restoration process  

Aztec Construction Inc. is available to help you each step of the way. Upon receipt of a signed work authorization and your deductible (if applicable), a Project Manager will be assigned to your specific project. The Project Manager is the person responsible for your restoration and will be your contact person throughout this process. You will receive a call from your Project Manager within 48 hours to let you know your file has been received, discuss the details of your job, and begin scheduling the work.

If the damage if extensive and requires plans and permits, the Project Manager will begin this process immediately. The time needed to get the actual permit will depend largely on your local building department.

3 Step Three

Funding your project
Each insurance company has their own process for dispersing claim checks. The speedy receipt of insurance claim checks insures the project will stay on schedule. Most of the time the check will be mailed to us with our name and the homeowner’s name on the check. We will forward the check to you, the homeowner, for endorsement. This will release the funds for the project. It is important to receive the funds available from your insurance company as soon as you receive them. This allows to purchase materials required for the job and to pay suppliers and sub-contractors in a timely manner. If you have any questions, please contact our Accounts Receivable Department at 530-275-3327.

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